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Solutions: Overview

The right professional. 
The right relationship.


No two businesses are identical. The internal and external dynamics driving your company are unique. They not only require the right CFO, but the right relationship—designed to provide the specific industry strengths and managerial skills your company needs. Kaplan CFO Solutions ensures you have the right person and the right relationship.

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Our embedded and project engagements provide two different business models, allowing you to tailor the engagement to your current and projected needs. Each type of engagement encompasses a comprehensive scope of financial skills and services, everything you expect from a proactive and savvy CFO.

Envisioning success


We do not believe in open-ended engagements. Like any successful initiative, we believe that your relationship with an interim CFO should be governed by pre-defined, measurable and achievable goals.  


So from day one, Kaplan CFO helps you envision your success. 


Regardless of the client, our goal is always the same: to help you grow to the point where you either: need a permanent, full-time CFO; or have achieved stability and your controller is able to manage your business, providing the financial information and services you need. We help you define, measure and track the metrics that signal our engagement has come to a successful conclusion. 


Above all, we make sure you are thoroughly prepared for our departure. It not only marks a successful conclusion to our productive relationship, it is the beginning of a new chapter in your company’s development.

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