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Our Referral Partners are those business professionals with whom we have developed a high level of trust and who recognize the benefits of partnering with Kaplan CFO.  They represent a wide range of service industries: accounting, legal, banking, insurance, human resources, marketing and more; each one is qualified and sponsored by a Kaplan CFO Partner. Working together, we pool our insights and experience in order to create more value for all our clients. 

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Mark McLaughlin

McLaughlin Strategy

McLaughlin Strategy works with enterprise leaders to build and protect the brand. I link financial management with marketing to improve margins, grow market share and manage risks.


Stephen Rudolph

Steve Rudolph Coaching, Inc

Specializing in custom leadership, management and sales training programs for companies committed to continuous improvement.

Helping leaders and their teams be agile, adaptive and resilient.

Training managers to coach more, manage less.

Business Consulting

Annice Brown

Annice Brown, Inc.

- Business planning (including writing a bankable plan)
- Strategic Planning facilitation
- Best Year Yet coaching
- Economic Development Projects

Business Consulting

Adrian Vassallo

DHG Wealth Advisors LLC

Our firm, DHG, offers various accounting, tax, assurance and wealth advising services to our clients. We strive to support our clients in achieving their goals with financial clarity.

Wealth Advisor

Aaron Slate


Commercial banker that supports businesses with their lending, depository and ancillary needs. Provides a consultative approach in supporting businesses' growth and cash flow needs.

Banking: Lending

Qualified Referral Partners are invited to contribute their news and insights. Simply email your content to [email protected] for consideration. Posts that appear on our website will also be reposted on LinkedIn.

“Most balance sheets do not track brand value because it is an “intangible” asset. This is a pragmatic accounting practice. That is fine but it can be a trap because “intangible” implies “unimportant” to people who are looking to cut costs. “Brands Have Two Jobs” describes a path forward that aligns the objectives of financial and marketing management around the goal of profitable growth with appropriate risk management.”


September 26, 2019

In their most recent on-line newsletter, Kaplan CFO Referral Partner, The Platinum Group shared a story that perfectly reflects our view of how any community ensures success for all. 

There is a distinctive point in autumn when a noticeable shift hits the light. It hangs just a wee bit lower in the sky, telling of the darker days ahead. Instantly a mood is sparked and the adventure begins.

One tale that illuminates this so beaut...

As the country's business focus shifts to understanding the value of company culture and employee satisfaction, employee engagement has become a hot topic for managers and CEOs. Employee engagement is the level of commitment an employee feels toward the organization they're working for. While many businesses are working toward employee satisfaction with more flexible work hours and improved working conditions, employee engagem...

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