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Thanks for your interest in working with Kaplan CFO Solutions.


If you are an established CFO who is driven by your desire to succeed and inspired by the passion of today's business owner, you're in the right place.


Kaplan CFO Solutions is not a placement firm and we're not consultants. We are a team of highly experienced and entrepreneurial CFOs who work on-site with fast-growing small and mid-sized companies and those in transition. Our business model is both unique and attractive. As a result, we are constantly looking to grow our team.


As you well know, a job change can come at any time and for any number of reasons - professional and personal. Whether you are in the process of deciding your next career move or just gathering info for a future dcision, we want to help you make the most informed decision possible.


Please take a moment to complete the brief contact form. This information will allow us to keep you updated on our current job openings and let you know what's happening at our firm. The information you provide is used strictly to communicate with you more efficiently.


To learn more about working with Kaplan CFO Solutions and to see a list of open positions, head over to the Kaplan CFO Careers page. 

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