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Project Engagement

A project engagement gives you all the experience and leadership of an embedded CFO, but on an as-needed finite basis. There is no minimum time frame because the projects are short-term in scope.

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Who uses it?


A project engagement is ideal for companies who require specific expertise for one or more individual a project. This includes small companies not yet ready for an interim CFO, as well as large companies whose permanent CFO needs to outsource one or more projects. Typical projects include:


  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions 

  • Preparation for a year-end audit 

  • Exit strategy planning

  • Cash flow modeling 

  • Debt or equity funding

  • Business plan development


How it Works


Engage your Project Manager:  Each Kaplan CFO team member has expertise in all phases of business operations and financial management. Projects are assigned based on partner availability and specific skill set. 


Plan the Project: You and your project manager will then establish project objectives, a schedule and budget. The schedule for shorter projects may simply include a start and end date. Extended projects may be broken down into phases, each with its own schedule and objectives. 


Budgeting and Payment: The budget will include the estimated cost of all external and internal resources and materials needed to complete the project. Among these will be the cost for the services of your project manager which is calculated using an hour or daily rate.

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