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The Power of Partnerships

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In their most recent on-line newsletter, Kaplan CFO Referral Partner, The Platinum Group shared a story that perfectly reflects our view of how any community ensures success for all.

There is a distinctive point in autumn when a noticeable shift hits the light. It hangs just a wee bit lower in the sky, telling of the darker days ahead. Instantly a mood is sparked and the adventure begins.

One tale that illuminates this so beautifully, is the documentary/fable, Honeyland, where we find Hatidze — the last-known wild beekeeper in the world. She is braving a narrow cliff-side passage in mountainous Macedonia to a hollow in the rock where the wild bees dwell. She gathers the bees in a skep while singing to them, and brings them back to her remote village.

Here, she spends arid sunny days tending to them in the ancient dry-stacked stone structures, and candlelit nights caring for her blind and crippled mother in the tiny hovel they share. They are the last two residents of a long-abandoned village.As Hatidze works with the bees, the magic of the collective comes into view.

Though her only source for survival is honey, when harvesting it she honors the bees’ request: always “taking half, leaving half.”It's a perfect metaphor reminding us that when we each bring our strengths and work together – the end-product is stunning.

Whether your team lies within your business walls, or beyond with out-sourced specialty help, working in harmony lends a priceless impact.

Before we move on, a few bee colony facts ...

  • A typical hive is populated by 20,000 to 60,000 female worker bees, with male drones numbering only in the hundreds, and 1 queen.

  • Should you spot a swarm of bees, you can contact a swarm list to come gather them for you. These beekeepers will be elated to take them off your hands (honey bees that have swarmed are usually docile and not aggressive).

  • Honey has been found in Egyptian Pharaoh’s tombs, 2,000 years old, perfectly fresh and edible.

  • And finally, upon taking flight from the hive, bees fly ... toward the light.

At Kaplan CFO, we couldn't agree more. Thanks to Michael Murphy and the rest of the Platinum Group team for sharing. On behalf of our CFOs and Referral Partners, we couldn't be more proud or happy to call this community home.


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