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How Modern LMS Boosts Employee Engagement

As the country's business focus shifts to understanding the value of company culture and employee satisfaction, employee engagement has become a hot topic for managers and CEOs. Employee engagement is the level of commitment an employee feels toward the organization they're working for. While many businesses are working toward employee satisfaction with more flexible work hours and improved working conditions, employee engagement still proves elusive for most businesses.

Employees who are satisfied with the conditions of their job aren't necessarily invested in the goals of the company. In fact, nearly 70% of employees in the U.S. are actively disengaged. This number might not seem important if you imagine you can retain employees simply through satisfaction. However, disengagement is still a danger to any business. The company around the corner could easily entice satisfied employees with higher paychecks or better benefits. Engaged employees care about the goals of the company and their personal role in meeting these goals. This leads to higher production, lower turnover, and improved customer service. Learning how to foster engagement can be difficult, but a learning management system (LMS) can help.

How a learning management system can improve employee engagement

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software solution or web-based platform used to create, manage, and deliver specific educational materials related to job positions within a company. A modern LMS should have the capability to create custom content, easily add updates, and target specific areas of employment. When employees have the right information at their fingertips, they're more likely to understand the company's mission and see purpose in their work. Here are six ways a modern LMS can increase employee engagement.

Keep employees updated

Communication is key for building trust. When employees don't have updated information about their position or other changes within the company, they feel unimportant, or worse, replaceable. The result is an employee who is never fully invested in the company and is always seeking something better on the horizon. A modern LMS that provides easily accessible updates to employees can help everyone stay informed of developments within a business. This convenient style of communication provides employees with the information they need to properly complete tasks and fosters a sense of community.

Provide easy-to-use learning solutions

As millennials dominate the workforce, mobile solutions are becoming widely demanded. Employees need content they can easily access on the device of their choice. A quality LMS can offer business leaders the opportunity to upload compliance information and continuing education resources for professional development. Employees will have the control to access these resources anytime on any device to work toward career advancement on the terms that are best for them.

Increase targeted ongoing education

Ongoing education can be a hassle for employees when it's mass-produced to suit every job within an industry. However, there's obviously value in ensuring that workers stay updated with courses that are important for their specific job. Instead of forcing workers to pore over an excessive amount of content unrelated to their position, a modern LMS can allow you to send specific information and learning materials to targeted workers. Instead of spending wasted hours searching for important information, an employee can access information that will relate directly to the job they perform.

Offer incentives and rewards

Employees become more engaged when they're rewarded for their efforts. While you may think these rewards should come in the form of perks and bonuses, most employees are more interested in recognition. As many as 7 out of 10 workers claim they would work harder if their efforts were recognized, and 43% of engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week. Engagement tools within a modern LMS will allow you to create custom quizzes and certifications for company expertise.

Analyze success

It's virtually impossible to tell if a new system is working without the ability to track the results. A modern LMS tracks information as employees use the system so HR professionals and supervisors can track progress and adjust the system as needed. This information can be used to offer recognition to employees who go the extra mile or personalize content to increase success in others.

Provide a social learning experience

Social media is obviously here to stay and learning in a social environment can offer many advantages. A modern LMS may provide discussion forums, communities, and online social media platforms for employees to learn collaboratively. This social environment can give employees the chance to digest new information at their convenience, then share related content and ask questions to enhance the learning experience. A social learning environment motivates employees to seek more information, compete with other employees, and gather feedback about individual achievements.

Finding the right LMS for your business

Training employees properly is a vital part of business success. The right type of training can elevate workers from simply becoming educated to becoming fully engaged in the company mission. Providing ways for employees to learn vital information in the styles they prefer can rapidly increase knowledge with improved final results. Additionally, when employees are offered advancement opportunities acquired by ongoing education, they develop a sense of pride surrounding their accomplishments within the company.

A learning system is only useful if it is convenient to use. Cumbersome services can compound communication problems, making the work stressful for both team leaders and employees. A modern LMS should have the flexibility to provide custom solutions that will drive maximum employee performance and engagement.

Finding purpose is a vital part of creating engagement in any task. It's no coincidence that children learn the question "why" in the earliest stages of childhood and quickly understand the low value of "busy work" as they get older. The age-old answer, "because I said so" (or "because it's your job"), is no longer satisfactory in any context; especially in the workplace. A modern LMS can provide employees with the information they need to see the value in the work they produce every day and build a sense of pride and community within your company.

At Platinum Group, we offer a flexible, social, and custom designed LMS system for your business to drive maximum employee performance and engagement


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