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Conscious Capitalism comes to Asheville

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We're excited to kick-off and energize Conscious Capitalism Asheville with our March 19 Kick-Off Gathering! Invite to you!! We've connected on Conscious Capitalism and your desire on elevating humanity through business.

Tuesday, March 19, 8-10am

New Belgium Brewery, Liquid Center Room

Register here

Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy based on a simple idea: “When practiced consciously, business innately elevates humanity.” This philosophy is rooted in a set of four guiding principles: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Culture. It is reinforced using best practices that support business leaders around the world in changing the practice and perception of business.

Started in San Francisco, Conscious Capitalism now has over 50 local chapters in 14 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It has attracted the attention and partnerships from both private enterprise and public sector organizations. We are proud to bring the energy to Asheville.

This event is the official Kick-Off for Conscious Capitalism Asheville, a local and organically seeded chapter of Conscious Capitalism Inc. (CCI). This first quarterly event for 2019 offer connection and conversations for those wanting to explore, learn, advocate and elevate business and personal consciousness. The featured topic explores Conscious Capitalism and its first principle Higher Purpose. The keynote speaker is Chad Littlefield.

Chad Littlefield is an engaging experiential speaker and Conscious Capitalism leader/advocate. He is Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer of We! and a four-time presenter at Conscious Capitalism International Spring Conference. Chad has worked with Starbucks, Jet Blue, Johnson & Johnson and many other leading companies.

We invite those interested in learning more about Conscious Capitalism or spreading the movement to participate. To register for this event, go to: https://consciouscapitalistcommunity.com/networks/events/14756. Tickets are $10. If you are interested in becoming a financial or in-kind sponsor, please contact Susan Minker. For more information about Conscious Capitalism, check out their web site.


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