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Kaplan CFO Launches Referral Partner Program

Whether B2B or B2C, today’s business runs on relationships. Every business organization relies on productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with their customers, vendors, service providers and other stakeholders. These relationships—the glue that holds regional business communities and global industries together—are at the heart of an exciting new program recently launched by Kaplan CFO.

The Kaplan CFO Referral Partner Program brings together the experiences, connections and insights of hundreds of business service providers across Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. The goal is to strengthen the local and regional business communities in which Kaplan CFO operates.

“Our Referral Partner network reflects the diverse business relationships that Kaplan CFO’s partners have established over decades of engagement: bankers, lenders, attorneys, HR professionals, risk management experts, insurance professionals, IT consultants and more. They are individuals we often partner with when working with our clients and vice-versa,” according to Kaplan CFO Managing Partner, Ken Kaplan.

The program offers opportunities for Kaplan CFO Partners and their Referral Partners to come together throughout the year in order to share their insights and better understand the challenges facing area business owners. Events include seminars and on-line webinars co-sponsored by Kaplan CFO and one or more Referral Partners, as well as networking events. A section of the Kaplan CFO website is also dedicated to promoting the firm’s Referral Partners and providing a platform for their companies’ news and insights.

Established in 2008, Kaplan CFO Solutions is a team of veteran CFOs providing on-site, interim financial leadership for businesses in transition. We work side-by-side with business owners as a senior member of their leadership team. We manage the day-to-day financial activities while developing the processes, relationships and financial strength needed to succeed at the next level. Our job is to help manage our clients’ growth or return them to profitability and then oversee their transition to a full-time permanent CFO.


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