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General Scope of Services

In the broadest sense, a CFO is responsible for the organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets.  Within this general definition is a long list of skills, all of which are provided by every member of the Kaplan CFO team. The following are just a basic overview of the services you can expect:

general scope of services spot image.jpg
  • Growth planning and support

  • Financial and tax strategies 

  • Capital budget forecasting 

  • Operating budget development

  • Business plan development

  • Cash flow modeling

  • Exit strategy planning

Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due diligence

  • Portfolio assessment

  • Negotiations

  • Cash infusion strategies

  • Operational best practices 

  • Financial management of subsidiaries

  • ERP selection and implementation

  • Transactional systems

  • AR/AP management

  • Product cost studies

  • Customer pricing analysis

Human Resources
  • Compensation strategies

  • Employee benefit plans

  • Payroll management

  • Severance policies

  • Headcount forecasting

Financial Information
  • Investment community interface

  • SEC filings

  • Annual reporting to the board of directors

  • Year-end auditing

Risk Management
  • Risk mitigation and control 

  • Interface with legal counsel

  • Insurance  strategies

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Internal control analysis & Implementation

  • Debt and equity financing

  • Fund investment

  • Banking and investment relationships

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