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Embedded CFO Services

An embedded Kaplan CFO gives you experienced financial leadership on-site, without having to bear the cost of a full time C-level employee. We work as part of your management team, on the payroll, at your side.

How it works:


Select Your CFO: Each member of the Kaplan CFO staff has a range of industry expertise and personal strengths. We ensure your CFO is the best match for your needs, based on their skill set and availability. 


Envision Success: You and your CFO will establish objectives and a timetable for the engagement. The objectives are the conditions necessary for you to justify hiring a permanent CFO. The timetable is the expected length of time needed to get there. Initial contracts have a four-month minimum and can be extended as needed. 


Set the Schedule: Your objectives and timeframe will determine the number of days your CFO will be on-site and the number of hours per day. Unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that your CFO, like any other employee, will work a full day. 


Define the Payment Process: Your contract price reflects the total number of hours your CFO spends working on-site during the length of the engagement. As a member of your senior management team, your CFO is on your payroll and is paid according to your normal payroll process. KaplanCFO provides healthcare insurance for all engagement partners, so you do not incur those costs.

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