About Us: Overview

It’s not just the constant pace or the burden of responsibility that wears you down; it’s not the frustration of knowing how things could improve if only you had the right resources. Sometimes, the toughest part of being “the guy” is having to go it alone. We know, we’ve been there.

Kaplan CFO Solutions is a cohesive team of experienced Chief Financial Officers, working side-by-side with small- to mid-sized business owners across western NC, eastern TN and the Upstate. But we are not consultants—far from it.

Hands-on and Proactive


Our partners are a key part of your management team, working on-site to implement and guide the day-to-day efforts and long-term strategies that keep you moving forward, giving you everything you expect from a seasoned, full-time CFO…and more.


Deeply Rooted in the Region 


We are tireless advocates for our clients within the regional business community. As specialists in small- to mid-size business management, we are intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities you face. In addition to deep financial experience, each Kaplan CFO partner has also been in your shoes as a business operator. Our experience includes operations, human resources, purchasing, IT systems and more.


We are a powerful ally, confident manager and—when you need it—a confidant and peer, giving you support and strength to go as far as you want. Welcome to Kaplan CFO Solutions.